Sunday, August 19, 2007

Orange Alert's Music Minute

T. Thurston has created a live mix album entitled "Summers are Better Than Other", but he has only made 50 copies. Each disc has a different Polaroid on the cover. The track list is not disclosed on his website for artistic reason, so I will leave it up to you to find out how Magical, Beautiful fill this 79+ minute album. "However, we will tell you that it's separated into three vague sections: the first establishes the basis of Magical, Beautiful's music; the second is Jamaican; the third is dark & treacherous; the fourth is a good time; the fifth gets pretty gnarly and the final section is THE END." You can get your copy here for $10.

"On September 11, Low Altitude Records (the label that brought us Patrick Wolf and the Noisettes) is set to release Australian Sarah Blasko's second album, What The Sea Wants, The Sea Will Have. Her sophomore release is a collection of bittersweet songs propelled by her ethereal voice and atmospheric production - a cavernous, haunting presentation recorded live in a converted ballroom." This is a beautiful track, and I am sure the rest of the album will follow suit. Listen to: Planet New Year (mp3)

This group has always been one of my favorites, mainly because of their 60's influence sound. However, this band has a new label, K Records, a new album "Fill up The Room", due out October 23, most importantly they have a new sound. I don't know if they have matured or just felt like a change, but their music much developed into something much more straight forward, and more focused dynamite. It is fine quality indie pop. Check out the new sound over at their myspace page.

Vivek Shraya is quickly becoming one of my favorite young musicians. He combines dance, electro, and rock in his lastest effort "If We're Not Talking". He also knows few very talented women (Sara Quin and Meghan Toohey). We hope to be hearing more from Vivek in the weeks to come, but for now enjoy his version of The White Stripes "7 Nation Army" (mp3).

The Peel Back: Mike Johnson "Year of Mondays"

As a life long fan of Dinosaur Jr., I was excited when their bassist at the time decided to release a solo album. The fact that J Mascis would be appearing on the album reall put it over the top. The album itself is a true departure from Mike's work with Dino Jr., but fans were still able to relate to the sound and the lyrics. For me the focal point of this album is Mike's deep rich voice, that envokes images of Leonard Cohen and Tom Waits. He tells story of being lost and unable to relate to his friends and family. This album also features a wide range of instrumentation from Mascis' drums, to violins, pianos, and an upright bass. The album, just like Mike's entire career, never seemed to receive much praise, but it has always been one of my treasurers. I have a copy stamped "For Promotional Use Only" so I felt I would promote it here today. Enjoy!

Mike Johnson "Year of Mondays" Atlantic Records, 1996
Where am I? (mp3)/One Way Out/Way It Will Be Too Far/Another Side/Circle/Eclipse/Left in the Dark (mp3)/Hold The Reins/Say It's So/Overdrive

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