Saturday, July 28, 2007

The Watch List

1. Walter Meego - Chicago's very own and recently signed to Almost Gold Records, Walter Meego makes me want flip over my keyboard dance like a madman around the office! Listen to: Wanna Be a Star (Walter Sees Stars Remix) (mp3)
2. The Outrunners - I know they are from France and are stuck in the 80's, but the rest is still a mistery.
3. Mintel Rose - These Frenchmen sure love their 80's dance music. Listen to: Sunday Afternon (Remix) (mp3)

1. Ragad Print Issue #3 - featuring work from Jack Swenson, Paul Kavanagh, and J. Lee Luera.
2. Stacking the Court by Jean Edward Smith - I have always been fascinated by the interworking of the Supreme Court.
3. The work of Pirooz Kalayeh over at "No Tell Motel"

1. Converse (Product) Red - In support of the (Product) Red campaign to help fight Aids in Africa. $295 to $79.99
2. Behance Action Pads - What a great tool help plan a project, a novel, an art installations, and so on. $8.00
3. Impeach Cheney Cap - Make a statement. $5


1.YACHT's new video "Women of the World"
2. The trailer for the upcoming Liger Tour Documentary
3. This is a clip from a new movie about Bob Dylan, it features David Cross as Allen Ginsberg and you will never guess who is playing Dylan.

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