Saturday, July 07, 2007

The Watch List

1. C.W. Stoneking - G. Love eat your heart out! C.W. is the real blue's man in town. That town is Fotscray, Victoria, Australia, and C.W. released his latest album "'King Hokum" internationally back in March on Voodoo Rhythm Records. Dusty and distant his vocals roll through the earbuds of my mp3 player and sound completely out of place, but at same time serve as a daydream escape to a 1920's saloon. Check Out: Bad Luck Everywhere I Go (mp3)

2. Hypo - Anthony Keyeux (a.k.a Hypo) is from Paris, France and he is laying down some serious beats. He is currently putting the finishing touches on his latest album due ou this September. Check Out: Naughty Place (mp3)

3. Shapes Have Fangs - There is so much quality music coming out of Texas lately.Shapes Have Fangs are currently unsigned, but they have a sound that wil definitly have them signed in the very near future. Check them out today!

1. The 2007 CMG Halfstravaganza! - I thought about putting together a list of my own, but there were just too many quality releases in the last 6 months to limit it to a top 10. CMG goes through the top 30 here and they do a decent job, but left off a few of my favorites.

2. Mike Boyle "Domtar" - This story was published this week by 3 A.M. Magazine. It is an interesting look at going up in a Catholic neighbohood through the eyes of a 12 year old girl.

3. Don't miss two important readings here in Chicago: 7/7 at Quimby's TONIGHT! (Todd Dills, CT Ballentine, and Patrick Somerville) and 7/14 at Mojoe's Hothouse (Spencer Dew, Ben Tanzer, Nick Ostdick, Peter Anderson, and Josh Stevens).

1. Robert Hardgrave's "Bloodline" Limited Edition Print: Made from an exclusive drawing, the print measures 12 x 14.25, and is pressed in black on custom handmade Twinrocker paper. The edition is strictly limited to just 30 prints, and comes signed, numbered and with a certificate of authenticity. This print is beautifully done and being released by Pressure Printing. $100

1. David Report #7 - The David Report Bulletin always has a design perspective, and issue 7/2007 is not an exception. This time they will take you on a trip into the ongoing convergence between design and art. It’s a growing phenomena that interests us in several reasons, and they have invited special friends to add more wisdom into the field. Get it here for free!

2. Five to Nine #3 - Romantic Gestures, or Another Conversation (Issue 03 of Five to Nine) has now been released. Working with the idea of portraits, this issue contains a lovely collection of photographs, illustrations, montages and frescos (!), and is now available for your viewing for free.

1. "Hot Cross Bunnies" by Elizabeth Ito - This is a funny animated short that Elizabeth created as her second year film at CalArt's, but it was picked up by Channel Frederator.

2. Plans & Apologies new video "Mel Gibson's... IRAQ!". This song will be released by Pandaz Pop on September 17th with the bands other single "Meetoo". I am all for political satire, but this may cross a line or two. If you enjoy the tune, here is the mp3.

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