Friday, July 27, 2007

Band of the Week

Calvin Harris

So maybe he didn't actually create disco, being born in 1984 would make it very difficult to be the creator of disco, but Calvin Harris has created something fresh yet nostalgic at the same time. Just 23 years old and hailing from Dumfries, Scotland, Calvin Harris made his debut album I Created Disco in his bedroom on a battered old Amiga computer. Now touring with a full band and an explosive live show, he sets his sights on the US with his debut release for Almost Gold Recordings on September 4th.
The music is simple, but energetic and very danceable. The feel is much more 80's then 70's disco era to me, and of course there is a heavy dose of 90's electronic music. Keyboards, samples, and hand claps abound as Calvin "Merry makes" all over house. He is having fun and it really shines through on all of his tracks. Make no mistake, Calvin Harris will never be know for his lyrics ("I don't care what you dress like or what you wear/but please make sure baby you got some colours in there"), but again that is clearly not the point this music is trying to make. It is all about the melody and beat, and in that area Calvin is near perfect.

Calvin Harris is making his mark on 2007 in style -- "Disco disappeared, didn't it? Everyone got sick of it. Now I'm reviving it, with space goggles, or something." "The song titles say it all,” he explains. “My tunes aren't supposed to invoke deep thought within people; they're just to get you dancing. But musically it is for the brain - it's not music for stupid people. I take great pride in my productions. It's not knocked out in a few seconds."

“Acceptable In The 80s,” Calvin’s first single in both the UK and the US, sparkles with high gloss, glitz and glamour like a disco ball catching the light. A masterpiece of hooks and gushing synths it is a testament to the talent at work.

Calvin Harris "I Created Disco" (Almost Gold, Sept 4th, 2007)
Merry Making at my Place/Colours/This is Industry/The Girls/Acceptable in the 80's/Neon Rocks/Traffic Cops/Vegas/I Created Disco/Disco Heat/Vault Character/Certified/Love Souvenir/Electro Man

Listen to:

Acceptable in The 80's (mp3)
Merry Making at my Place (mp3)

For more information, music, and videos from Calvin Harris visit his website or myspace page.

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