Saturday, June 30, 2007

The Watch List

1. Canon Blue - Daniel James is Canon Blue, and he is about blow up. Last fall he independently released a four track ep entitled "Colonies", and sent it out to anyone who asked, free of charge. These four songs were so amazing, with gentle piano drops, soaring soundscapes, chaotic electronic, and Daniels honest vocals, that he was just signed to Rumraket this week. His songs are being remixed by Chris Taylor of Grizzly Bear and and mastered by Christian Vogel. Check him out today!
2. The Mare - Stockholm, Sweden is home to The Mare. They create sweet little indie pop morsals with heart and energy. Their latest album will be released by Cloudberry Records on July 15th. Listen to: I Didn't See You (mp3)
3. Vivek Shraya - I open my e-mail yesterday I find a nice little message from Toronto musician Vivek Sharaya introducing me to his fun and danceable brand of electro-pop. So now I am introducing him to you, and telling you to check his new album "If We're Not Talking". Listen to: Chemistry (mp3) and I Wont Envy (mp3)

1. The latest from Zachary C. Bush, published in Silenced Press, "Her Eyes Are Cream-Pink The Color Of A Dog’s Shaved Undercarriage".
2. The Illuminati and The Council on Foreign Relations by Myron Fagan - This is the transcript (and the audio) to a recording made by Mr. Fagan back in the 1960's. I had listened to the recordings several years ago, but you can really did into the information he is presenting when you read the transcripts. He clearly explains the history of The Illuminati and it's connection to the government (specifically the United Nation) and to big business, and the "great conspiracy" for a "one-world government".
3. "New Poll Finds That Young Americans are Leaning Left" by Adam Nagourney - This doesn't seem new to me, but polls are always nice. Youth, especially through college years, seem to be drawn to a more liberal mentality, but with age, wealth, maturity, family, etc. many of those sharp points of view seem to dull and possibly swing the other way.

1. Rob Swift's "As The Table Turns" - This documentary follow the career of one of the most innovative turntablist of all-time. With never seen before live footage and appearances by the biggest and the best. $16.99
2. Mike Boyle's "Dollhouse" - Recently released by Thieves Jargon Press, this 176 page novel should be on your nightstand right now. Here is a sample from the book: "The Dakota". $10

1. Rural Messengers Press Mini-Mailer 1.5 - Featuring the poetry and photography of Aleathia Drehmer. This is a free release, simply send your address to the following to
2. Anti #4 - Showcasing all styles of visual media, this is a nice little zine. The theme for the fourth issue is "Seasons", and it is free.

1. J Mascis vs. David Cross in a Guitar Hero II challenge - In my opinion J Mascis is the greatest living guitar player, and possibly the best of all-time. However, he was no match for comedian David Cross. As usual, J gives an incredibly energetic interview.
2. New Benni Hemm Hemm Video: "I Can Love You in a Wheelchair, Baby"
3. Black Gold - The Truth Behind Your Coffee. I have been drinking coffee for many years, and now I know the truth.

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