Saturday, June 23, 2007

The Watch List

1. Saint Joan - This band from the UK will be releasing their full length debut on Camera Obscura Records on June 25th. The album is called "The Wrecker's Lantern", and it has a beauty and soul that I am sure you will enjoy. Ellen Mary McGee pours so much emotion, dusty gravel roads, and cigarette smoke into her vocals. Check out: Satellites (mp3)
2. Dj Day - Everything about his music calmly whispers Palm Springs, CA. Dj Day has been in the game since 1989, and contributed to some major compilations. His style is smooth and funky, jazzy hip-hop with gentle cuts and scratches. He recently released his first full length album on Melting Pot Records "The Day Before". Check out: Four Hills (mp3)
3. Bad Animal - Shawn Gallagher is from Knoxville, TN and he clearly own a keyboard and a computer. This is lo-fi bedroom music at its most primitive, but also at it most enjoyable. This music is "not perfect", but it is honest and fun. He also draws some pretty cool pictures of wrestlers. Check out: The Hunted (mp3)

1. OJ Simpson "If I Did It" - Not all that well written, but a fascinating look into the mind of a killer. Not just any killer, but one who got away with it.
2. Bookslut Issue #61 - Always interesting and relevant, the folks at bookslut have posted several great interviews and articles for the month of June.
3. The fairwell letter from Anne Elizabeth Moore of Punk Plant Magazine, announcing that the magazine form of Punk Planet will cease to exist after this issue. This is an outlet that will truly be missed in the literary world.

1. The Maniac by Skwak - This vinyl, released by MINDstyle, is colorful and crazy! There will only be 300 released in the US, so act now... Skwak is the man! $80
2. Ben Frost Coasters: Frost has released a series 22 different cork backed coasters features his incredible graphic pop art via his website. He of course is located in Australia, but he is accepting international purchases. $10 AUD ($8.46 US)
3. "Whales Hover(ed)" by Jeff Poniewaz - You can never have enough poetry about whales, right? Centennial Press has released Jeff's latest chapbook they are donating $1 to the WWF (the one without the roided up pretty boys rolling around and beating each we chairs) for every copy sold. $5

1. Embryo #4 - I know I probably don't have too many German readers, but the artwork contained in this zine will bridge the communication gap. I love the cover, it looks like a page out of a German phone book. Also check out the work by Lisa Stetner. It doesn't hurt that this stylish zine is free.

1. New videos from Ghosthustler "Parking Lot Nights" and The Go! Team "Grip Like a Vice".
2. This amazing clip from The Sound of Jazz, 1958, Thelonious Monk "Blue Monk". My favorite part is watching Count Basie enjoying the magic of Monk.

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