Saturday, June 02, 2007

The Watch List

1. High Places - This Brooklyn duo have an amazing sound, lo-fi electro and hauntingly beautiful. They are playing show this summer with Bobby Birdman, Casiotone for the Painfully Alone, and Videohippos. Check Out: Head Spins (mp3)
2. Magicial/Beautiful - The name really says it all, but this Chicago native is making some incredible music. Being the tour pianist for Casiotone for the Painfully Alone wasn't enough for Tyson Thurston, he heard a new world and simply had to create it. The product has been last year's self-released, self-titled, handmade CD-R that was released in Germany, and this year's beautifully made ep "Obscure Love". Check out: The Third Song, Recorded (from Obscure Love) (mp3) and Cocoon (Bjork Cover) (mp3). For more mp3's go here and to purchase his lovingly crafted albums for $7 each go here.
3. Listener - This hip-hop band from Arkansas released their debut Lp "Talk Music" last December, and proceed to tear up SXSW in March. They currently featured in this months HM Magazine, and setting out on a summer tour. Check Out: Ozark Empire (mp3)

1. Ned Vizzini's interview with Tao Lin - I particularly enjoy how he expresses he reasoning for being a vegan.
2. "A Plan B with Teeth for Dafur" by John Prendergast and Colin Thomas-Jensen - This eight page document was published by Enough Project, a joint initiative of the Center for American Progress and the International Crisis Group. Just keep that in mind if you choose to click the link.
3. Chicago Lit: An Attempt at Definition by Todd Dills - There is a new website that is focusing on promoting the growing Chicago Literary Scene, Literago, and that is where I found this essay.
1. Beautiful/Decay Jan Kallwejt Designed T-Shirt "Lung Music" - $29.95
2. To find a Guerilla Poetics Project Broadside - What if you were to go into your local bookstore and purchase a copy of a classic novel or something by your favorite poet, take it home and bring to read it. As you are reading a small card falls out with a with a poem on it, by a writer you had not discovered yet. How exciting is that! Here is a map of where these broadside have been found, maybe I will be the first in Chicago.

1. To attend the Chicago Tribune's Printers Row Book Fair, June 9-10 - Featuring appearances by Joyce Carol Oats and Gore Vidal, it is hard to pass up a freeevent like this one.
2. Operation Phoenix Records maintains a large archive of classic punk zine from the 80's and 90's. They are all in pdf format and completely free. Go check out Flipside Issue #1, Heartatta CK Issue #3, and see how much has changed in the world of zines!
3. Hummus Issue #9 - This is a great little electronic zine that is filled with mostly illustration and photography. You can download the issue here.

1. The latest episode of Dinner with Band which features El-p and some bagels and lox.
2. The Montag album teaser for "Going Places" out June 5th on Carpark Records.

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