Sunday, June 17, 2007

Orange Alert's Music Minute

1. It has been several years now since "mashups" or blends were the hottest thing, but there are still several bedroom sound manipulators out there cranking out quality hybrids. The Illuminoids having been in the mashup game for awhile, but this last month they finished a project that not many bootleggers have done before. They were able to partner with CSS, L7, and Donita Sparks to produce a legitimate product that all involved agreed upon. The downside to all of this loving and cooperation, the song is not available for download. However, you can hear it a number of places... Illuminoids myspace, CSS myspace, or L7's myspace. Maybe it will turn into an Ep or something bigger, who knows.

2. Illinois recently performed a session for the fine folks over a daytrotter. They are quickly becoming of my favorite bands, and this session only added to that love. They perform and three unreleased songs and great version of "Alone Again". My favorite of those songs would have to be "Blue Hands", it is an upbeat infectious piano driven number about being infected and not wanted to be helped by modern medicine. Check Illinois free downloads here.

3. Yep Roc is offering a free sample Ep from Simple Kid. This Ep features a live version of his new single "Serotonin" along with a self-produced video the song. Check it out here.

4. Exciting Lollapalooza line-up announcements! This past week Lollapalooza released their schedule, and the added several bands to their impressive line-up. First and foremost, Apostle of Hustle! After that you have The Switches, The Diffs, and my favorites Klever and Dj Craze. Also "added", but not confirmed are Mickey Avalon, The Cool Kids, and Flosstradamus. Now we are talking!

5. Lollapalooza Band of The Week: High Class Elite
New York, NY is home to this quintet that reminds me a lot of 2005's Louis XIV, in that, as far as i can hear, they only have one song, "Turn of the Century" (mp3). However, it is hard to judge this band since they have only released a four song ep. The difference is I have heard great things about the stage show of High Class Elite, and Louis XIV do not put on much of a show. They are lead by the energy and charisma of lead singer Franco V. This band will be playing Saturday morning opposite I'm From Barcelona, so it is your call, but I say check'em out.

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