Friday, June 29, 2007

Band of the Week


Up from the ashes of mangled and manipulated casio's, three decades of hip-hop aesthetic, and computer knowledge that dwarfs any generation, is quickly rising a new genre of music. It is electronic, it is retro sounding, it is extremely danceable, and very much pop. It is 80's in principle, but very modern at the same time. Not being one for labels, I will leave it at electro-funk. Dj duos or programmer and singer duos or full on electronic funk bands are springing up all over the country and everyone is dancing to the product.

A great example of a group that just seemed to pop-up and jump into the eyes of the internet media (a.k.a bloggers) is the quartet from Denton, TX, Ghosthustler. Lead by the energetic Alan Palomo, this band knows how to groove while maintaining a lofty electronic feel. Their best song, "Parking Lots Night", starts out in a traditional Draft Punkian way with keyboards and computer effects, but the second Palomo jumps in you know you are hearing something special.

Currently unsigned, Ghosthustler has released three demo songs through their myspace page and various other music sites. Each is equally amazing, and I look forward to hearing the full-length album (once they get singed). They have also released a video for "Parking Lot Night"

On June 20th, Ghosthustler posted this incredible Dj Mix on their myspace page.

Mr Oizo - Patrick 122/Does it Offend You, Yeah - Battle Royale/Chromeo - Call Me Up/Alan Vega - Saturn Drive/Crystal Castles - Air War/Jackson & His Computer Band - Radio Caca/Klaxons - Gravity's Rainbow (Van She Remix)/Bumblees Unlimited - I wanna be Your Ladybug/Daft Punk - Technologic (Vitalic Remix)/Simple Minds - I travel/Justice - New Jack/ Chris and Cosey - October Love Song

Listen To:
Parking Lot Nights (mp3)
Losing Tracks (mp3)

For more information on Ghosthustler please visit their myspace page.

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