Friday, June 08, 2007

Band of the Week

RF & Lili De La Mora

I know what you may be thinking, "Oh, this has been done before, haven't we had enough of the acclaimed electronic musician mixing with the accomplished soft-spoken siren!" My answer is first of all no, I enjoy The Blow, Alias & Tarsier, The Bird & The Bee, and so on, but actually this release is different. Yes, RF (Ryan Francesconi) is an acclaimed electronic musician, having released three albums in the last four years, and Lili De La Mora is beginning to make a name for herself as the lead singer the Long Beach, CA's, This Year Zero, but it is the way they blend their styles and knowledge that will set them apart. Unlike Alias, RF is able to alter his sound and technique to better accompany a vocalist.

On their upcoming debut, Eleven Continents, RF strips away the electronics while maintaining his sense of timing and graceful melody. He uses an acoustic guitar, and the help of friends Joanna Newsom and Fabiola Sanchez (Family Trees) among others, to perfectly showcase the beauty and wisdom that is Lili De La Mora. The product is truly breath taking, as it soars it feels so organic, while maintaining many of the aspects of electronic music. In fact, RF was so proud of what they had created that he form a new sub-label of his current label Odd Shape Case, called Rowing at Sea. This album will also be co-released by Time Release Records on July 5th.

Eleven Continents

Through the Trees/Fences/Miles and Miles/Kings/Hundreds of Threads/Cherry Park/Fascinated/Newt Crossing/11:11/Steep Ravine/Eleven Continents/Lifetime

For more information on RF & Lili De La Mora visit their myspace page and to pre-order this album visit Rowing at Sea.

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