Saturday, May 19, 2007

The Watch List

1. Ear Pwr - This North Carolina duo are currently recording their debut album for FrequeNC Records.
2. Ohbijou - Toronto is home to this delicate, but amazing band. Check out: Steep (mp3)
3. The Dedicated Beatheads - German turntablism, that's right German, but it is still tight! The recently released their album "Sound Convention Vol. 1", and they are tearing up the wax. Check out a little sample: (mp3)

1. Friend or Faux by Oliver Roy - This is a fascinating article of the pro-American stance of the President-elected of France, Nicholas Sarkozy.
2. Cubby Blue - Last week I posted a link to Palehose 7, so it thought it only fair to mention the Cubs comic website. Unlike the actual teams this year, this strip is not as good as the Palehose, but it is still pretty funny.
3. "Surviving" by Jason Jordan - Verbsap recently put out their summer collection it includes several great pieces including something new from Nick Ostdick, but I love this story by Jason Jordan.

1. Fleet Street Scandal: A Collection by Kevin Dart & Chris Turnham - This is a great collection of prints. $25
2. The Books - Payall DVD - Thirteen full-length music videos, plus four bonus videos. $15

1. "You are Beautiful" Stickers - Get your free stickers today!

1. D7TV - Get your daily news with a little bit of an edge.
2. I don't know what it is about Best Fwends, they are simply just plain fun:

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