Saturday, May 05, 2007

The Watch List

1. Mr. McFeely - From Saratoga Springs, NY, Mr. McFeely is Kappy D and Chorus babblebones. Their album is supposed to available to download at, but I can't find it. However, you have to hear "Spanish Flea" (mp3)
2. Figure5 - Glasgow, Scottland is the home of this great band that recently released their debut ep. (Think Kaiser Chiefs meet The Fratellis)
3. One Little Plane - I don't know anything about her, but I simply love her sound.

1. The transcript from the first Democratic Presidential debate on April 26th.
2. Spying on American - This is an interesting editorial on the future of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act.
3. The current issue of syntax, Issue no. 10, contains poems from both Spencer Dew and Christian Ward.

1. Andy Warhol Watch from - $95 - $150
2. Dan May "Escape Artist" print from Pretty Darn Swell. Five dollars from each sale goes to The Nature Conservancy - $20

1. Antigravity #6.2007 (May Issue) - This is an inside look at the New Orleans music scene. This issue has a great interview with El-p.
2. Lounge Seventy-Two's PDF Calander - Featuring a different artist each month, this calander has been a great addition to the six other calanders on my desk.

1. Dinosaur Jr.'s new video "Been There All The Time" - This one was directed by Matt Dillion.
2. As I mention on Tuesday, Dan Govier aka Lights.On released his latest album "Please" last weekend. Along with this release he has posted this video on his website as an introduction and look inside the mind of Lights.On:

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