Tuesday, May 15, 2007

New Release Tuesday

1. The Narrator - All That to the Wall - This Chicago band is doing it the right way, and producing a great sound. This is their second full length CD, but it this album is a huge step forward from their previous album. Check out: Surfjew (mp3) and Start Parking (mp3)
2. YACHT - I Believe in You. Your Magic is Real. (mp3)
3. Karl Blau - Dance Positive (mp3)
4. Wilco - Sky Blue Sky - More quality Chicago music. (mp3)
4. Au Revior Simone - The Bird of Music (US Release) (mp3)
5. The Horrors - Strange House (mp3)
6. Dungen - Tio Bitar (mp3)
7. Blacktop Morning - No Regret
8. White Fang - Who Left the Mesozic? (mp3)

The Fountain (Hugh Jackman/Rachel Weisz)

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