Sunday, May 13, 2007

Coffee Talk

The Importance of Being a Mother
There is power and strength contained within the title of "Mother". There is no greater role in our society or any society then that of a mother. They guide, they protect, they nurture, they correct us and make us the people we are. It is the choice of the child to listen or ignore, but there will always come a time when you look back and truly appreciate your mother's contribution to your life. Their life lessons, habits, rules, just seem to sneak into your subconscious and play a role in your adult life on a daily basis.

It was my mom that made it a grand event to go to the library on a weekly basis. We would walk home with a wagon filled with books and read every single one. It was a passion for reading that is still in my life to this day. She also taught me the importance of family, faith, saving money, and so many other things. Her contribution to my life is simply unfathomable, and as my wife and I raise our children I think heavily about the way we will affect them. What will we pass on to them? Their mother has so many incredible qualities; honesty, faith, passion, compassion, strength, creativity, and so on. She can juggle the entire household with ease, and always knows where we need to be. Unfortunately, we cannot decide what traits our children take with them, and which traits go unnoticed.

Question: What are some of the traits/qualities/ideals that your mother has passed on to you? Talk amongst yourselves…

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