Friday, May 18, 2007

Band of the Week

One Little Plane

The internet has allowed the music enthusiast and the independent musician to connect in a way that had never been possible before it's creation. For the musician, it allows them an opportunity to share their music with the world without the hassle of labels and promoters. They may not reach as many people as they would like, but the internet provides them a platform to be heard nonetheless.

Personally, I love going through myspace and clicking on friends of friends of musicians just to hear something new. Many times I just nod and move on, but there are occasions that something truly exceptional begins to flow from my speakers. This was the case with Kathryn Bint a.k.a. One Little Plane. I was looking into the latest EP from Scout Niblett, and I saw the picture you see above, and I was compelled to click it. I was immediately drawn to the softness of Kathryn's voice, but as I listened deeper I began really appreciate her lyrics and instrumentation. I wanted more information, I wanted to hear more then just those three amazing songs on her myspace player. I contacted One Little Plane that night, and this is the result.

Orange Alert (OA): What is the story behind the name One Little Plane?
Kathryn Bint (KB): When I was a kid I used to watch this old Disney cartoon from the 1940’s called Saludos Amigos. There was a story about a baby plane that I used to love. For some reason the image always stuck with me. I like little things.

OA: Who are some of your biggest influences musically?
KB: I tend listen to a wide variety of music, anything from Joanna Newsom to Nelly Furtado. But the ones I have always turned to over the years to hear something from, to listen to are Joni Mitchell, Bjork, and Will Oldham.

OA: Have you been approached by any records label? What is your plan for your music?
KB: I have had some really lovely feedback from other musicians which has been really wonderful. My plan so far is to just keep writing and to start playing more live shows. I think at the moment the most exciting thing for me is learning how to write and finish a song. Watching something grow from a little seed into something that flowers is magic and such hard work. It totally kicks my butt.

OA: How has the internet affected you as a musician? What do you think the future holds for the music industry as it relates to record sales and file sharing?
KB: I think the internet is amazing because it gives you an immediate platform to be heard from. It bypasses pressing a record or going to listen to it live and reaches people in a way that was impossible a few years ago. It’s like instant gratification, but in the long run I don’t think it sounds or feels as nice as actually having a record with artwork and putting it on at home. It’s the same as books for me. I like to have and to hold. As for the future of the music industry, its hard to say… I think I’m more concerned with the future of music.

OA: If you could cover any one song, which song would it be and why?
KB: The Book of Love by The Magnetic Fields because it is a perfectly proportioned love song.

OA: What is next for One Little Plane (shows, albums, etc.)?
KB: What’s next for me is playing the Homefires IV festival in London (Sunday, June 3rd). I get to play alongside people that I really admire which feels very special and totally terrifying. As for albums, I have one finished and hope to put it out next year.

Bonus Questions:
Coffee? If yes, what is your favorite type of coffee and where is your favorite coffee spot?
KB: Coffee…. No, it makes me crazy! I try to stay away from caffeine. I had a mind altering experience in Greece drinking very strong ice coffee and its safe to say that I am totally banned now. But I do like going to coffee shops. My favourite one is Caffe Driade in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. It has so many trees….

OA: What is more important lyrics, instrumentation, or they are both equally important?
KB: When I first started to really listen to songs, I think words always came first for me. But then as I learned how to play, the music became just as important. I think the two go hand in hand, but I will say.. I can still totally fall for a cheesy hit with bad synth sounds if the melody and lyrics are just right.

What was the last great book you have read?
KB: Looking for Alaska by John Green.

Kathryn Bint is originally from Chicago, and relocated to London in 2003. She has been playing and recording as One Little Plane for the last two years. For more information and to hear more of her incredible sound please visit her myspace page.


Anonymous said...

She was simply sublime at the weekend. So was Kieran. Let's hope she get's the success she deserves.

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