Friday, May 04, 2007

Band of the Week

Blitzen Trapper

In forests surrounding the Oregon Volcano, Mt. Hood, six boys running through the trees came upon a clearing. There they came upon an old abandoned drum kit, three rusted microphone stands, and all of the other items needed to pour your soul into rock n' roll. It was there, deep in those magical Oregon woods, that sounds of Blitzen Trapper began to develop. I now picture a small log cabin, in that clearing, with six hand-crafted rocking chairs, and a self-assembled distillery brewing this incredible mix: One part Beck, One part The Shins, One Leonard Skynard, and One part exterritorial hillbilly. It is that mixture that has been aged to perfected, and now with their third official offering, Blitzen Trapper, is making everything just right.

On June 12th, Blitzen Trapper, will self-release the adventure through the woods they have entitled "Wild Mountain Nation". From the backyard-garage stomp of "Devil's A-Go-Go" to the Southern Fried guitar anthem "Wild Mountain Nation" to the electro tinged storytelling of "Sci-Fi Kid", this album perfect for cook-out or a shooting range. I've never had a beer in my life, but this album makes me crave an ice-cold Rolling Rock, or better yet a Hefeweizen from Portland. Did you know Portland is the largest craft brewing market in the U.S?

Wild Mountain Nation (mp3)
Devil A-Go-Go (mp3)
Sci-Fi Kid (mp3)

Wild Mountain Nation (6/12/07) Self-Released
Devil's A-Go-Go/Wild Mountain Nation/Futures & Folly/Miss Spiritual Tramp/Warp & Woof of the Quiet Giant's Hem/Sci-Fi Kid/Wild Mtn. Jam/Hot Tip Tough Cub/The Green
King Sings/Summer Town/Murder Babe/country Caravan/Badger's Black Brigade

For more information on Blitzen Trapper visit their website.

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