Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Political Bio of the Week

This week covers "America's Mayor" Rudy Giuliani. Currently #2 on the Republican Presidential ticket behind former Bio of the Week, John McCain.

Rudolph William Louis "Rudy" Giuliani III

Lawyer, politician. Born Rudolph William Louis Giuliani III on May 28, 1944, in New York City. Educated at Manhattan College, Purchase, NY, he received his law degree from New York University. After service in a variety of prosecutorial positions in the Department of Justice (1975–7, 1981–3), he became US attorney for the Southern District of New York (1983–9).

After failing in his first bid as the Republican candidate for mayor of New York City (1989), he went into private practice, then succeeded in 1993, being re-elected in 1997. His administration was praised for restoring law and order to New York, and making the city a more attractive place to live. However, minorities complained that the police under Giuliani on occasion abused the rights of suspects in several well-publicized beatings and shootings.

Limited to two terms as mayor, he decided to run for the US senate in 2000, but withdrew on health grounds. His popularity soared in the aftermath of the terrorist attack on New York on 11 Sep 2001, and his adept handling of the situation in the city led to calls for his term of office as mayor to be extended, but he stood down. He was awarded an honorary knighthood by the UK in 2002.

After leaving the mayor's office, Giuliani founded a security consulting business. Though it has been rumored that he’ll run for state or national office, Giuliani has stated he has no intention of running.

Pro Choice, no ban on partial birth abortions
Gay Rights protected under civil rights
Affirmative Action
Parents choose schools via vouchers
Privatizing failing schools
Death Penalty
Three strikes sentencing
Tax cuts
Illegal immigrants earn citizenship
Patriot Act
More spending on the military
Drug Policy being integral part of foreign policy
Welfare offices as job centers
Allow churches to provide welfare services
Prayer in schools
Absolute right to gun ownership
Gun owners should pass written test
Withdrawal from Iraq
OPEC's oil production cuts
Ban on gay marriage


Jason said...

Wow, he is almost directly in the center of the matrix. His stance seems to flip-flop (sorry, John Kerry) back and forth between tha typically Rep. stance and the Dem. stance. Interesting, maybe he can be swayed?

Oh and let's not leave out the 2pt stance, the 4pt stance, the b-boy stance, and the classic Buffalo Stance (oh yeah, I'm dropping the Neneh Cherry knowledge!)

Dan said...

I've noticed that the best Republican candidates per the polls right now are McCain and Guiliani. Both of them are in the middle and appeal to both parties. To me, that's not really a Republican.

I think he would flop faster then that Book of Daniel tv show from last year. He stands for security by any means necessary. That's about it. What was really funny was he was both for affirmative action, but then in NYC, got rid of the affirmative action programs. There were also about 10 categories that he had no opinion on and no voting record for. He is a very big wild card. Much like Barack Obama. The only difference is, Rudy is more of a facsist.

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