Sunday, April 29, 2007

Orange Alert's Music Minute

1. The future of Internet Radio - On April 17th I received an e-mail from Tim Westergren (founder of Pandora) asking for help in saving internet radio. On May 15th the royalty rates that are being charged to internet radio will triple, and make it very difficult for the smaller stations to stay in business. The new rate will be four times higher then the rate charged to satellite radio, and broadcast radio does not have to pay anything at all. Many internet radio sites have formed a coalition and are asking anyone interested to sign this petition.

2. Land of Talk is everywhere - Not only are Canadians Land of Talk mentioned in both Spin and Paste this month, but they also stopped AOL's The Interface to play four songs and talk to The DL's Sarah Schaefer. They also announced US tour with The Rosebuds starting next month.

3. Sebadoh Reissued - Domino Records announced this week that they will be reissuing Sebadoh's first album The Freed Pig on July 10th. The single disc will contain 52 track, many of which had never been released. Sebadoh is also currently on tour.

4. Demetri Martin is the funniest man alive - In this month's issue of Spin NY comedian Demetri Martin gives you his tips for surviving the summer music festivals. Tip number 1 is "squirreling" overeat during the days leading up to the festival to avoid overpaying for festival food.

5. Clutchy Hopkins Update - The blogger who puts together "A World of Logical Consequences", Patrick Snajder, has done his homework and come to the conclusion that Clutchy is actually Cut Chemist. Check it out.