Sunday, April 08, 2007

Orange Alert's Music Minute

Welcome to the first edition of the new weekly column, the music minute. I know that we have other features on music, but I felt that we needed to give you a little more music information. Each week we will feature five things going on in the world of music. As I have said before, this year will go down as the greatest year in music history, and you need to stay on top of all the action. Enjoy!

Music Minute:
1. State of the Industry
This past week has really opened my eyes as to the current state of the music industry. I had alway thought that the major labels just needed to adapt to the changing culture, and needs of the music fan. That still maybe true, but you may feel differently after reading the three documents that I read this week.
A. Scott Perry from New Music Tipsheet sent out an e-mail that really had me thinking about the industry, downloading, and the changes that need to be made.
B. Quit Your Day Job: The National from Stereogum - There is a problem when a extemely popular band like The National still have to keep day jobs.
C. Spinning into Oblivion by Tony Sachs & Sal Nunziato - This New York Times editorial is written by record store owners and adds an interesting element to the discussion.

2. Page France "...and the Family Telephone" is now available for pre-sale. You can order it on LP and receive a coupon to download the album for free in mp3 format. The album is offically release on May 8th.

3. The line-up for Lollapalooza (August 3 - 5th, Chicago, IL) will be annouced on April 12th. Rumored acts include Pearl Jam, Daft Punk, LCD Soundsystem, Ghostland Observatory, The Roots, Lupe Fiasco, Nine Inch Nails, Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, Peter Bjorn & John, David Vandervelde, Rhymefest, and !!!.

4. Architecture in Helsinki announces World Tour, new Single: You can hear the Adrenaline remix by DJ/Rupture ft Lee G. of their new single "Heart it Races" over at their myspace page.

5. YACHT declares "Myspace is full of junk" - In an April 4th myspace blog post Jona suggest that everyone should move with him to VIRB (Honestly, I agree). So I suppose you should check out his VIRB page.