Monday, April 09, 2007

Monday Morning Mix

I'm not going to bore you with the entire story of my life, but I've tried to select songs that that through out my life have changed the way I listen to music. There are certain songs that you hear for the first time and your musical tastes are permanently altered. I guess I will give you one story; Leroy Brown is one of the first songs that I can remember hearing. My Dad would play it during dinner, and jump up to turn it in down every time the word damn was about to be said. I'll will never forget how fun it was to see him running across the room and driving at the stereo (he missed it more times then he made by the way). I was born in '78 so my musical memory doesn’t really start until around '86 or '87. This is part one, of what I will make a two part series (I had actually written down well-over a hundred songs). I hope you enjoy it as much and I enjoy thinking about how music has changed my life.

Enjoy "My Life in Music Part 1 (1978 - 1993)"
(artwork by Daniel Fleres)