Sunday, April 22, 2007

Coffee Talk

This past week I received the May/June 2007 issue of Foreign Policy, and immediately the cover story caught my eye; "21 Solutions to Save the World". Each solution is written by a different contributor, and is directed at a specific problem facing the world today. The most interesting aspect of the article is the 21 issues the chose to solve.

1. Dictators
2. Medicare for the Poor
3. Climate Change
4. Inequality
5. Religious Extremists
6. Gender Inequality
7. The Drug War
8. Russia's Dying Democracy
9. The Failure of Foreign Aid
10. A Forgotten Treaty
11. Oil Dependency
12. The War on Terror
13. Malnutrition
14. Anti-Americanism
15. Internet Security
16. The AIDS Pandemic
17. Illiberal Democracy
18. Malaria
19. Poverty
20. Nuclear Proliferation
21. Simple Solutions

In your opinion does this cover it, and why do you think these were chosen? What are the biggest issues a global level right now? Talk amongst yourselves...