Friday, April 13, 2007

Band of the Week

Basia Bulat

It was just this past January, Said the Gramophone, made a post entitled "Introducing Basia Bulat", in fact it was January 1st, and it served as a great start to an amazing year of music. Simply, I have been fascinated ever since, and now as this London, Ontario native prepares to release her Rough Trade debut on 5/21/07 in Europe, I can't help but feature her amazing music. It's seems that so many people have been talking about Basia for quite some time, but she has yet to find to label to release her music in the US or Canada. It is a surprising commentary on the state of the industry, but that is a story for another day.

The band includes:
Holly - Ukulele, Auxiliary Percussion and Backing vocals
Bobby Bulat - Percussion
Seojin - Violin
David - Viola
Sebastian - Cello
Eric - Piano
Katie - Flute and Backing Vocals
Basia Bulat - Lead Vocals, Guitar and Autoharp

Many of the musicians in the band are classically trained, and as a group they put forth a complex sound that ranges from chamber pop to straight folk to tiny waltzing splendor. However, in spite of all of their talent, it is the voice of Basia that shines through on each and every track. There is an energy and a power in her voice that will immediately draw you in, and hold you captive for days. There have been comparisons made lately to Joni Mitchell, Feist, Jollie Holland, and Elyse Weinberg, but with her strength and range I like to think of Natalie Merchant, Shara Wooden, or maybe even Kristin Hersch. My favorite quote regarding Basia's voice came the above mention Said the Gramophone article: "A voice that is above all exciting to listen to, with so much volleying through it, like sticking your head into the thick of fireworks, of northern lights, feelings flashing full in your face."

I Was a Daughter (mp3)
Why Can't it Be Mine (mp3)
Snakes and Ladders (mp3)

Visit Basia Bulat's website or myspace for more information.

Oh, My Darling (Rough Trade, 5/21/07)
Before I Knew/I Was a Daughter/Little Waltz/December/Snakes and Ladders/Oh, My Darling/Little One/Why Can't It Be Mine/The Pilgriming Vine/La Da Da/Birds of Paradise/A Secret

(photo at top by Bobby Bulat)