Saturday, March 31, 2007

The Watch List

1. Yea Big & Kid Static - The Chicago underground is about to blow up, and this duo is going to lead the charge. Check'em out, I hope to on May 18th at The House Cafe in Dekalb, IL
2. Fair to Midland - More quality music emerging from the farms of Texas, their full-length debut, Fables from a Mayfly, will be released June 12th. Check out: Vice Versa (mp3) and their myspace page.
3. Slaraffenland - Copenhagen, Denmark seems to be the land of gentle guitar drone and hushed harmonizing vocals... and I love it!! Look out for this bands May release "Private Cinema" on Hometapes & Rumkaret. Check Out: Polaroids (mp3)

1. Poor Behavior Linked to Time in Day Care by Benedict Carey - I'm shocked that children actually need to spend more time with their parents!
2. Income Gap is Widening, Data Shows by David Cay Johnston - The data is from 2005, but it is still pretty shocking. 48.5% of the income report in 2005 was collected by the top 10% of Americans.
3. Noo Journal Issue #6 was just released this week, and includes a great piece of flash fiction by Caleb Puckett, "Hat Trick".

1. Snapple's New "Out-of-the-Blue" Berry Tea - Still Made from the Best Stuff on Earth!
2. Dj Qbert for Intellectual Dummies - New DVD from Qbert just released this month.

1. Crush to Pulp Issue #2, April 2007, this issue's theme is "Identity". I submitted some stuff, but it didn't make the cut. Next months theme is: Memory.

1. Dinosaur Jr. on Jenny Jones - J blew the white trash right out of the building. This circa 1997 when the incredible Mike Johnson was in the band.
2. 3rd Bass is givin' you the Gas Face! Look out for MF Doom (he used be know as Zev Luv X), and Gilbert Godfrey in the finest role of his career.


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