Saturday, March 24, 2007

The Watch List

1. V8 - Chicago abstract underground hip-hop master, to release the "Trouble Man" lp this year featuring Shortrock, Ira, & k-the-i???.
2. Kixly - Beautiful drones and chimes from tijuana. "Dream Noise"
3. Pien Feith - She just released her debut EP last month on Badmintone Records.

1. Britain Proposes Allowing Schools to Forbid Full-Face Muslim Veils by Alan Cowell - Tony Blair views the Niqab as a sign of separation.
2. Cram Magazine - "CRAM is devoted to the author who writes intelligent, engaging articles and just wants a place to publish". Great outlet, covering a very diverse range of topics.
3. Parazit Issue #2 - Just released and full of amazing Russian graffiti and street art.

1. Rock the Bells Festival: They full line-up will be annouced on Monday the 26th, but with Rage Against the Machine & Wu-Tang Clan already confirmed who wouldn't wish to attend this fest?
2. Johnny Cupcakes "Make Cupcakes Not War" T-Shirt: $38.99

1. Wallspankers Issue #3: The growing community of sticker artists are giving you 250 free b&w stickers here. Now start printing and sticking!

1. Attack of the Show at G4 Tv - This is the future of television.
2. Juice Crew vs BDP: This is a great way to wrap-up what has been a hip-hop heavy week at Orange Alert.