Saturday, March 17, 2007

The Watch List

1. The Smile Rays - Very polished, big beats and smooth rhymes from this Jacksonville, FL trio. Check Out: By Design (mp3) (check the classic 3rd Bass "Green Eggs & Swine" beat in background.)
2. Lee Bob - I'm not usually one for the cowboy hat, but Lee Bob is different. He has got soul! Check out: Air Stream (mp3), and visit his myspace as well.
3. Ecstatic Sunshine - Dueling guitars creating odd sounds. Check out: Little Big Dipper (mp3)

1. The Next Big Health care Battle - This article deals with state healthcare programs vs tax relief to purchase your own healthcare.
2. Ain't it Strange by Patti Smith - Patti's thoughts on being inducted into the Rock 'n Roll HOF.
3. Retconning VII: Be-bop, Cool, and Hard Bop. This is the most recent addition to a series of articles on CMG that is going back through various musical genres. Next month is post-punk!

1. Crush to Pulp - Issue #1 was released this month. Wonderful articles, stories, artwork, and more. This issues theme was "beauty", and you can visit their website for more information.
2. Klitorik - Issue #4. Their website is stark white plain and unenviting, the zine is an amazing collection of photography. Don't be fooled, enjoy the zine!

1. Toothpaste for Dinner Bad Poetry T-Shirt: $16
2. Converse All-Star Product Democracy Shoes: $52

1. The new video for the soon to be release solo debut from Evidence (of Dilated Peoples): "Mr. Slow Flow."
1. With Spring Training underway I've been watching this: