Saturday, March 10, 2007

The Watch List

1. Illinois (myspace) - This is the next big indie smash, get on board and watch them take off! Check out: Screen Door (mp3)
2. Everything, Now! (myspace)- This Indiana band is preparing their third album, which will be released this spring entitled "Bible Universe".
3. Amiina (myspace)- Chillingly graceful electronic sounds from this Icelandic quartet. Their debut "Kurr" is due out on the 21st, and they will be is Chicago on the 23rd.

1. Pay for Soup, Build a Fort, Burn That Down by Spencer Dew - This is Spencer's lasted publication on Theives Jargon, and it is a great piece of fiction.
2. Makers of Soda Try a New Pitch: They're Healthy by Andrew Martin - Coke and Pepsi to add vitamins and minerals to pop in an attempt to appear healthy. I'm not surprised, but I am dissapointed because many people will be fooled.
3. We Eat Horses, Don't We? by Christa Weil - Horse it's what's for dinner!

1. $60 3-Day passes to Lollapalooza 2007, August 3rd to 5th. I will be there!
2. Pitchfork Tickets - They go on sale March 12th, and the event is July 14th - 15th. Download their first podcast announcing the first acts: Girl Talk, Powerhouse Sound, Cat Power, Grizzly Bear, Of Montreal, and more!

1. Error Magazine - They have put out two issue so far, and it is creative, artistically appealling, and free.
2. Cutout Magazine - This is the new frontier for graffiti, and the zine is free.

1. Steve Paul's Puppet Music Hall - it is a hillarious puppet show on downtownTV.
2. Babu, Rob Swift, Roc Raida, J-Rocc, & A-Trak tear it up!