Monday, March 26, 2007

Up and Coming Films

Monday nights will now feature new films in production. Watching movies have always been something that I've enjoyed doing throughout my life but have lately gone by the wayside. Whether it's the thoughts of fantasy and the wonder, or the prospect of what the future will hold, everyone is impacted somehow by the film industry. Some will say positively, some will say negatively. I like it for entertainment. Unless it's a documentary, little should be taken away from films besides ideas and perhaps greasing fingers from buttered popcorn.

After checking out some up and coming features, I'm eyeing four right now...

Spider-Man 3:
Check out the trailers here.

ETA: May 4th

I'm a fan of the Marvel Comic movies. I think it's the old school truth, justice and the American Way ideals of the 50's. That, and the action.

With this film, I'm looking forward to seeing Venom, Sandman, Green Goblin and the mystery 4th villain guessed to be Mysterio. It'll be interesting to see how that many villains in one movie shake things up. I've always hoped they would start bringing in some more heroes like the Punisher or Blade to help Spider-Man out. Who knows what they'll do.

Pirates of the Caribbean : At Worlds End

Check out the trailer here.

ETA: May 25th

I just want to see it because the 2nd movie was just a hanger. It didn't resolve much of anything.

Fantastic Four : Rise of the Silver Surfer

Check out the teaser here.

ETA : June 15th

Again, Marvel Comics. Except this one has Jessica Alba too.

The Simpsons Movie

Check out the trailer here.

ETA : July 27th

The greatest show on television better meet the hype. I'm praying it's not like the last 3-4 years of the tv version.