Friday, March 16, 2007

Band of the Week

Dan Deacon

If you are one those people (and I know there is at least one you of) who like your rockstars to be pretty and perfected, then you better look away. However, if like music that is creative, aggressive, electronic, and completely insane then look no further, I give you Dan Deacon.

Known mostly for his energetic, passionate, and spastic live performances, Deacon has self-released 7 albums over the last three years, but none of them seem to capture his entire sound. Recently, this Baltimore native signed to the growing Carpark label, which will release his proper debut, Spiderman of the Rings, on May 8th.

Deacon remains pretty mysterious while gaining popularity. However, I do know he has a degree in Electronic-Acoustic composition and that he would like to run for local office. I also know he is a member of the art collective Wham City. This is how he phrases it in his bio: "Dan’s music strives to take contemporary experimental composition and electronic music out of the circle of the esoteric intellectual gangs and hipster communities, placing it into the more informal “fun time.” His high-energy performances consist of song-structured material performed with Casio keyboard, computer, vocoder and many whosits and whatsits to process his voice and signal generator".

He recently was asked to play on a local NBC newscast, check it out:

Wooody Wooodpecker (mp3)
The Crystal Cat (mp3)
Preorder the album here

For more infomation on Dan Deacon visit him here and here.

(photo at top by Jakob Lodwick)


Jakob said...

You ripped my photo from Flickr and did not

a) link back to the original photo
b) give me credit


Jason said...

Sorry Jakob, I didn't mean to upset you. I just thought it was great photo. Next time I will give better credit, and links.

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