Friday, March 02, 2007

Band of the Week


Jason Quever is the mastermind behind the oceanic California pop of Papercuts. He, along with some help from David Enos, Matt Stromberg, and Alex DeLanda, has crafted the most perfect pop album so far this year. With a perfect blend of 60's folk-pop and creative passionate lyrics, "Can't Go Back" is solid start to finish. He attributes the sound of the album to his recording process. He prefers to use analog, but he does not want to be considered "retro". This March 6th release is Quever's first on Gnomonsong, and his first since 2004's "Mockingbird".

Papercuts is currently on tour with the like-minded 2006 darlings Grizzly Bear. However, when comparing their sound to that of Grizzly Bear, Papercuts is much warmer and more accessible then anything Grizzly Bear has done. I would compare his sound more to that of Page France then to Grizzly Bear or Panda Bear, even though they all have a similar sound, Quever like Michael Nau, has the ability to create amazing melodies at every turn.

John Brown (mp3)
Dear Employee (mp3)
Take the 227th Exit (mp3)

Buy "Can't Go Back" here

Visit Papercuts here.
(photo above by Arica Sobel)