Saturday, February 24, 2007

The Watch List

1. Aleks & The Drummer - This classical, electro, looping, dark chicago duo has big things planned for 2007.
2. Essie Jain - Gracefully beautiful and her music is good as well. Check out Haze (mp3)
3. All The Creatures of the Sea - Instrumental electronic folk with plenty of Chicago soul!

1. Merger Would End Satellite Radio’s Rivalry - It would end a rivalry, but what would it create?
2. Moral Waivers and the Military - As the number of troops increases the quality decreases.
3. THE2NDHAND Installment #23 - It features an exciting story by Tobias Carroll "Spencer Hangs over Newark".

1. Storyville Coffee

1. Skybox - Arco Iris - More great chicago music for free here.

1. Blades of Glory Trailer - Jon Heder and Will Ferrell, Sweet!
2. The Decemberists - O Velencia (Director's Cut) 9 minutes with a surprise ending.