Saturday, February 03, 2007

The Watch List

1. Taxi, Taxi! - These sisters from Sweden are preparing their debut ep for Rumraket Records due out this Spring. (mp3)

2. The Secret Handshake - Summer of 98 Ep out 3/6/07 on Triple Crown Records. Check out his myspace.

3. Glue - Catch as you Can (mp3) on Fat Beat Records. Their Dj (Maker) is from Aurora, IL. He lays down some sweat beats too!

1. Unhappy Meals by Michael Pollan - What are we really eating? He purposes that we stop eating nutrients and start eating food.

2. Someone (Other Than You) May Own Your Genes by Denise Caruso - Scientists are patenting "intellectual property", but what falls under that umbrella may surprise you.

3. Malibu by Spencer Dew - Published by Thieves Jargon on 1/26/07.

1. Caffeine Doughnuts - Good ol' Molecular Virologists, I will take 12 dozen please.

2. Pitchfork Music Fest 2007 Tickets - July 14-15, 2007, Union Park Chicago, IL (Actually, I have to wait until March 12th.)

3. Kaiser Chief Tickets - The Vic on 4/20/07 w/ The Little Ones & The Walkmen! Visit their redesigned site.

Getting (free stuff):
1. Yogi Tea Sampler

1. Heroes - This is the best drama on TV, sorry "24" fans!

2. Demetri Martin - Clearification Episode 4 of 7: :Demetri, The Subject"