Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Political Bio of the Week

Last week we covered Barack Obama who announced his US Presidential candidacy over the weekend.

The week, we feature a Republican US Presidential candidate, Duncan Hunter.

HUNTER, Duncan Lee,
a Representative from California; born in Riverside, Riverside County, Calif., May 31, 1948; graduated from Rubidoux High School, Riverside, Calif., 1966; B.S., Western State University, San Diego, Calif., 1968; J.D., Western State University, San Diego, Calif., 1976; United States Army Airborne, 1969-1971; lawyer, private practice; elected as a Republican to the Ninety-seventh and to the thirteen succeeding Congresses (January 3, 1981-present); chair, Committee on Armed Services (One Hundred Eighth and One Hundred Ninth Congress).

Here is the best site I have found for comparing candidates with your own political philosophy. I will be referencing this site for every candidate that we go through.

This is a list of Hunter's stance on certain big name topics:


Military Border Patrols
Voucher Programs for School
Voluntary Prayer in Schools
Building new oil refineries
Reduction of the Marriage Tax
Death Penalty
Mandatory 3 strikes laws
Rated 100% by the Christian Coalition; a pro-family voting record
Free trade w/ Australia (Voted no for all other free trade agreements)
Expanding and supporting free trade
Withdrawl from the WTO
Restricting US funds to the UN for reform
Gov't is too big, too intrusive and too easy with money
Limiting frivolous lawsuits
Guns, gun sellers and gun manufacturers (can not sue the sellers and manufacturers)
Limiting medical malpractice suits
Reimportation of prescription medication
Pro-Military voting record
Permit commercial airline pilots to carry guns
Requiring the reporting of illegal aliens who receive hospital treatment
100% voting record by FAIR; indicating a voting record restricting immigration
Farming subsidies
End off shore tax havens and promote small business
Raise 401k amounts and make pension plans more portable
Privatized Social Security
Eliminate the marriage penalty
Eliminating the Estate Tax (Death Tax)
Permanent Tax Cuts
Allowing Telephone Monopolies to offer Internet access
War on Terrorism
Faith Based Organizations


Abortion as a women's right
Human Cloning
Gay Adoptions
Medical Marajuana in DC
Kyoto Protocal
Funds to the IMF for 3rd world debt reduction
Normal trade relations with China
Physician added suicide
Immigration visas for skilled workers
Strengthening Social Security Lockbox
Internet Gambling w/ credit cards
Email Spamming
Limiting political campaign funds
Replacing coal and oil w/ alternative fuels


Jason said...

Great write-up! He recently did an interview with "Right Wing News" it is pretty interesting.
They cover a lot of issues, and you know that this coming directly from Hunter. It may have been the questions, but it seems like he is going to focus mainly on security and immigration.

Here is the big question:
John Hawkins: One thing that gets brought up a lot is electability. If someone said to you, "Duncan Hunter, if you were the nominee, what makes you think you'd win? What do you bring to the table that's going to allow you to beat the Democratic candidate?" What would you say to him?

Duncan Hunter: Well, I think the American people understand that in this new era security is going to be very important and I think there'll be more emphasis on security than there has been in the past - and I think I bring that dimension and expertise in national security - and that's helpful.

With respect to homeland security, working on understanding the border, understanding the need to be secure at home is something that I also think that I have credibility on. ...I think the actions that I have undertaken have resonated with the American people - things like the border fence, for example, increasing the border patrol.

With respect to trade, I think that trade is the new hot economic issue and will be a critical economic issue for the next 10 to 20 years because of the degree to which trade now affects our economy and our standard of living and the idea of having a level playing field and insisting on a two-way street with trade is something that I have...found to resonate strongly not only with Democrats, but with Republicans. ...You know, there are only two Republicans on Mt. Rushmore. They were both against free trade. So I've got those issues. I think those are strong issues that resonate strongly with the American people and the trade issue differentiates me - separates me, I think - from the rest of the Republicans. I think that it's one that is a compelling issue with Democrats and Republicans -- and it'll bring a large number of blue-collar Democrats to my side.

Dan said...

I will say that he does differentiate himself with those two stances. The question I have is that enough. I don't think so. There is not that many Americans that share his view over free trade and border control. He may have his district in California that support him on border patrol, but the whole country? There is too much of an overwhelming % of the population that is in favor of either amnesty of illegals, or at least opting for them to gain citizenship.

As for free trade, I think that could help him. Most Republicans are for free trade agreements because they believe in the long run, it will help the US to have poorer countries build themselves up and have a stronger economy to trade w/ the US. I haven't done a lot of research on the topic, but I think that it would eliminate subsidies for US companies to compete in an open global market which we would not succeed in without those moneys. If we open free trade w/ these poorer countries, we will have even more US based manufacturing leave our country to go where there is cheap labor.

The one thing that could turn on the US in the future is the high % of service industries. As shown on the CIA world factbook...https://www.cia.gov/cia/publications/factbook/geos/us.html#Econ...the US has 78.6% of the economy as service industry. When you are looking throughout history, the strongest economies have been manufacturing based. In a service economy, everything is outsourced, and we have to purchase all of our products. This is becoming increasingly visual in every day life. Hence, our trade deficit is going to increase. The other issue is during war time. If we were ever attacked and we had to rely on our own ability to manufacture goods and products to fight, we just would not have the infrastructure to do it. To many of our manufacturing relys on us being ably to get small pieces of the whole to ocmplete a good.

So getting back on topic, Duncan Hunter really does differentiate himself because of this stance and he understands the importance of keeping America first and formost.

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