Friday, February 23, 2007

Band of the Week

SJ Esau
Sam Wisternoff, a.k.a Sj Esau, is a lo-fi bedroom musician that has recently signed to Anticon Records, and will be re-releasing his masterpiece "Wrong Faced Cat Feed Collapse" on March 13th 2007. He is currently in the studio recording new sounds to be released through Anticon. This Bristol native creates music that keeps you guessing as to what you might hear next. His songs can quickly transistion between hushed, graceful, echoing to agressive, electronic, and choatic. The records is filled with a wide range of instruments, from electronic noise to violins and flutes, and it really adds to the complexity of the sound.

SJ has strong sense of humor, but balances that moments of poetic freedom in his lyrics. He also has a passion for art and cats that shines through on his album covers and his website. He recently contributed a mixtape to Olo Radio, and it is called "Both my wrong half of the private trumpet".

Cat Track (he has no balls) (mp3)
Wears the Control (mp3)
Queezy Beliefs (mp3)

He has many othersongs available for downloads here.

Also check him out on myspace.