Friday, February 02, 2007

Band of the Week

Panda Bear

"My new music pretty sugary"
This is how, Maryland native, Noah Lennox a.k.a Panda Bear, described his new album in a March 2005 interview. Yes, Personal Pitch (Paw Tracks 3/20/07) is two years in the making, but Noah has been a busy man. In last two years, he has released two Animal Collective (his full-time group) full length albums and an Ep, gotten married, became a father, and moved to Portugal. In spite of all this, Lennox has managed to create 7 hauntingly amazing songs that jangly, bubble and moan for 43 plus minutes. His music is all sample based, but sounds very organic. If you took the Beach Boys, pushed them down an elevator shaft and filled it with water, you would have the Panda Bear sound. He doesn't focus on production or polishing the sound, if it sounds good or good enough he just moves on. The result is a sound that is so pure, but yet complex enough that you attempt to dig through the layers of sound. Visit Panda Bear and buy his album on 3/20/07 here.

Bros (mp3)
Take Pills (mp3)

Bros (Terrestrial Tones Remix) (mp3)
Live in Studio Performance/Interview at Ma Fama (Amazing!!)