Friday, January 12, 2007

Band of the Week

Patrick Wolf

At the age of 23, Patrick Wolf is preparing to release his third LP, entitled The Magic Position on 2/26/07. That is amazing by itself, but when you add up all the instruments he play (harp, harpsicord, guitar, piano, autoharp, organ, theremin, ukulele, viola, and violin) the word genius comes to mind. He also posses an amazing vocal range, and knack for beat programming.

Patrick had a rough childhood, being bullied and changing schools. He left home at the age of sixteen, and basically became a street performer. He was involved in various muscial projects before being discovered by Kristian Robinson.

The Magic Position is a very intimate journey through the illuminated highs and dark and desperate lows of a young heart. Highlighted with great beats and melodies blending seamlessly with gentle ballads. I've seen his music defined as "folktronica", but that just seems strange. What about IPM (Intelligent Pop Music) maybe? I don't know, listen and decide for yourself...

Accident & Emergency

Overture (mp3)
The Magic Position (mp3)
Accident & Emergency (mp3)
Get Lost (mp3)
Visit Patrick Wolf here.
Pre-order the album here.