Sunday, December 31, 2006

Coffee Talk

With the Pope's recent visit with Iran's Foreign Minister Manoucherehr Mottaki asking for a better dialogue with the US regarding Iran's atomic program, I started think about our future. I briefly talked about this earlier this month when I mentioned the US's growing relationship with India, but there are countries with nuclear weapons that are not willing to work with the US. According to ISIS (Institute for Science and International Security) there are only nine countries with nuclear weapons, but they did not include North Korea and Iran. What is the actual number of countries?

The US does seem to be building a connection with other nuclear powers, this summer they may be signing an agreement with Russia for the import of civilian nuclear power. This week the UN took a tiny step in sanctioning Iran's supply flow for it's nuclear program.

With all of this activity it makes me think that there is something bigger about to happen. As we ring in 2007, what is our Nuclear Future? Are we prepared to fight a war this level? What are the different levels of conflict the United States may face in 2007? (Look at this) Talk amongst yourselves.
(Artwork by Christel Weixelman)
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