Sunday, December 10, 2006

Coffee Talk:

This week's topic revolves around the emerging issues in India between the US and the BJP (Bharatiya Janata Party). According to Reuters, congress passed legislation on Friday that will allow the US to sell nuclear reactors and fuel to India. This ends 30 years of policy that has stopped this from happening. The original policy was put in place because India refused and refuses to sign the "nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty and developed nuclear weapons in contravention of international standards". This has not changed, but they have agreed to "actively cooperate in restraining Iran's nuclear program". The overall public concern is that this will create another arms race.

Today, there was surprising news out of India that the BJP opposes the act passed by congress claiming it is "capping, rolling back and eventually eliminating" India's nuclear weapons capability. They claim that the act compromises India's foreign policy, and it is a form of "political warming".

Should the US strengthen it's nuclear ties with India? Will this partnership help reduce the risk of nuclear attack from Iran or North Korea or will this heighten the risk? Talk amongst yourselves.