Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Best of List 2006 (Part 1): My Year in Hip-Hop

Over the next few weeks I will be posting my four "Best Of" lists for 2006. This weeks list is "My Year in Hip-Hop", and it does not feature Snoop, Jay-z, Luda, or T.I. because this is my year in Hip-Hop!

25. Muallem - Frankie Splits (4/06)
"Bouncy electronic b-boy beats" Yes, please!
BBC1 said: “Frankie Splits delivers hip-hop brio, techno innovation and dancefloor euphoria with a sense of fun but, crucially, a straight face.”
2hot2cold2tough ft Lyrics Born (mp3)

24. Doctor Who Dat? - Beat Journey (8/06)
The mostly instrumental debut from the mysterious Dr. Tom Baker is a cosmic ride through the Brazilian rainforests and other tropical places.
B-Boy Portrait in Spain (mp3)

23. Murs and The 9th Wonder - Murray's Revenge (3/06)
I let Murs say it: “I am better than your favorite rapper / But it don’t take much these days for you to master the mic / Most of these rappers trapped in the hype / They makin’ whole albums only half of its tight.” So True!
Murs Day (mp3)

22. Jel - Soft Money (2/06)
Chicago native and Northwestern grad, Jeffery Logan, has crafted some of the most interesting beats over the last few years, and soft money is no exception.
WMD (mp3)

21. People Under the Stairs - Stepfather (4/06)
A more mature release from Thes One and Double K, and really don't we all need to grow up a little. There is a strong focus on family, and on creating deep relationships and even deeper beats.
Flex Off (mp3)

20. 7L & Esoteric - A New Dope (6/06)
These two near legends took a risk this year and it almost paid off. They stop rapping about topics, and simple wanted to have some fun. The music on this disc sound like amped up 80's electro jams. It is a good product, but not their best.
Get Dumb (mp3)

19. J Dilla - Donuts (2/06)
Stones Throw legend, Jay Dee, died this year and his presence in the hip hop community will be missed. However, should that affect the way his music is perceived? This record is a collection of beats, and not really much more then that.
Stop (mp3)

18. K-the-I??? - Broken Love Letter (10/06)
"With a booming voice, an indestructible wall of beats, and a lifetime of girl problems, k-the-i??? brings forth a cure for the jaded hip-hop head in the form of his Mush debut, Broken Love Letter." according to Mush
Go Go Girls (mp3)

17. Ghostface Killah - Fishscale (3/06)
Bringing back the classic "WU" style, GFK found a lot of critical success this year. However, I have never been a huge fan of the Wu-Tang gentleman, and this record good but not great.
Dogs of War (mp3)

16. Dilated Peoples - 20/20 (2/06)
I was a little disappointed with this album, and it seems their product get worse with each release. I want more Babu, but it was still a solid album.
You Can't Hide, You Can't Run (mp3)

15. Lady Sovereign - Public Warning (10/06)
Bring the Grime straight from the ghetto of Wembley, London. Real name Louise Harman, she brings the bass, but lacks believability.
Fiddle With The Volume (mp3)

14. Cut Chemist - The Audience's Listening (7/06)
This album could have been so much more, but there are still many great tracks here. The Ipod commercial really brought me back to this disc. J5 will never be the same, and that is why they are not on this list!
The Audience is Listing Theme Song(mp3)

13. Oh No - Exodus into Unheard Rhythms (8/06)
Another Stones Throw product and Madlib's brother, Oh NO has been in the game for years and he finally found the right combination and received the right amount of help (Cali Agents, Aloe Blacc, MED, Wildchild, etc.)
Keep Tryin' ft Roc C & Aloe Blacc (mp3)

12. Subtle - For Hero: For Fool (10/06)
I let them explain it:
A contiguous and conceptual work of album as art, picking up and running away with the motifs and musical arrangements of "a new white" and their four self-released season themed ep's. "for hero : for fool" boldly follows the B-movie dreams and midday terrors of a working-class poet, born of raw raps and the somewhat vacuum times of the last quarter century...
Midas Gutz (mp3)

11. Soul Position - Things Goes Better with Rj and Al (3/06)
RJD2 and Blueprint together again and better then ever. RJD2 is one of the best produces in the business, classic yet original.
Hand-Me-Downs (mp3)

10. Clipse - Hell Hath No Fury (11/06)
Huge hype, and they do deliver (drugs that this)! Solid flows, but it is the beats that will keep you coming back for more.
Wamp Wamp (Pistol Pete Remix) (mp3)

9. Wax Tailor - Tales of Forgotten Melodies (5/06)
The backbone of hip-hop is the DJ, and this one has several tales to tell.
Que Sera (mp3)

8. Rhymefest - Blue Collar (7/06)
Out of the shadow of Kayne West and into the spotlight, Rhymefest is one of Chicago best and brightest rappers.
Dynomite (going Postal) (mp3)

7. Aloe Blacc - Shine Through (7/06)
They call him a renaissance man, and he really has perfect several styles and a couple languages. He has also put out a perfect R&B/Hip-Hop album, and help make Stones Throw my hip hop label of the year.
Bailar - Scene 1(mp3)

6. K-os - Atlantis: Hymns for Disco (10/06)
This diverse album is hard to classify and rank. I love almost everything about it, but it is hard to say it is the best "hip-hop" album of the year.
Electrik Heat (the Seekwill) (mp3)

5. Ugly Duckling - Bang for the Buck (4/06)
I've been fans of Andy, Dizzy and Young Einstein for years and this release is one of the best. This album is what hip-hop should be; fun, energetic, and with a crate diggin' Dj!
Let it Out (mp3)

4. Girl Talk - Night Ripper (5/06)
Greg Gillis on the surface is just another bootlegger, but when you hear the complete work it almost transcends the source material. He takes the bedroom producer to a new level.
Hold Up (mp3)

3. Gnarls Barkley - St. Elsewhere (5/06)
Hugh success for this duo and a great album track by track. I hope they do this again!
Just a Thought (mp3)

2. Mr. Lif - Mo' Mega (6/06)
There was nothing like receiving an autographed copy direct from Lif. It is not better then I Phantom, but it is still a great release!
Take, Hold, Fire! (mp3)

1. Cadence Weapon - Breaking Kayfabe (11/06)
Straight from the mean streets of Edmonton, this 19 year old has it all, big beats, grinding bass, and hard hitting raps.
Sharks (mp3)

Stay Tuned...


Jason said...

I will give hornorable mentions to the following:

T.I. - King
The Roots - Game Theory
DJ Shadow - The Outsider
Lupe Fiasco - Food & Licor

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