Friday, December 22, 2006

Band of the Week: Cassettes Won't Listen

CWL is the multi-instrumental product of Jason Drake, and in 2005 he created a lot of buzz with his debut Ep "Nobody's Moving". Since then he has remixed some of the indie scence's best, and now he is back with a digitally released instrumental album, "The Quiet Trial", release 11/06 on Dope Lotus Records. It is an instrumental album filled with detail blips and beats, and it firmly establishes Drake as one of New York's top emerging electronic artists. He is currently working on the LP following to Nobody's Moving, and move brilliant remixes. His music is a mix of hip-hop, funk, dance, rock, and whatever else he decides to throw in there. In a recent interview with Merry Swankster, Jason explains his stage name, "A “cassette” is also someone who is getting played by their surroundings. You can see this happening in all walks of life, from an A&R executive picking the next “hot band” to a biased journalist reporting the news. Its basically someone who is not true to themselves, these people won’t listen."

Lunch For Breakfast (Live)

The interesting thing about his live performance is he is scratching/playing a copy of Scratch Live on the laptop on the side on his turntables.

CWL - The Sidewalk Cruise (mp3)
CWL - Where Did Go (mp3)
CWL - Cut Your Hair (mp3)
CWL - Cutting Ballons (mp3)
CWL - Lunch For Breakfast (mp3)

Mr. Lif - Brothaz (CWL Remix) (mp3)
The Diggs - Everyone's Starting Over (CWL Remix) (mp3)
Pela - Lost to the Lonesome (CWL Remix) (mp3)
Midlake - Young Bride (CWL Remix) (mp3)
Asobi Seksu - Strawberries (CWL Remix) (mp3)
Morcheeba - Everybody Loves a Loser (mp3) (Go Cubs!)

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