Friday, December 08, 2006

Artist of the Week: Lights.On

Dan Govier, half of the electro-folk duo We Will Build, released his solo debut "Tape" on December 1st under the name Lights.On. Using field recordings, his piano work, and computer technology, Dan has created a product that is beautiful, but more abrasive then his work with We Will Build. The songs on this internet only release range from gentle piano ballads to full on drum 'n bass madness, and every moment has been processed and analyzed by this unique Baraboo, WI native.

Dan Govier is an independent producer and musician, and is not currently seeking a label. In a recent interview with Estee Schwatrz, he said this “I’m for musicians making money and I think they have every right not to have people download their music, but in our case, I just don’t care.” That is why he has decided to release this amazing album for free! He makes music for the enjoyment of the process, and the many different results that may come from that process. So, if you are looking for something new, something electronic, and something creative, check out Lights.On!

My Favorites from Tape:
Two Fawns (mp3)
Slippers (mp3)
Let's Try This (mp3)
How Much You Can Do (mp3)

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