Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Artist of the Week: Dan May

This is a new feature for Orange Alert, and it was brought on by my recent discovery of several emerging artists. There seems to be a growing community of artists coming together for showings and even collaborating on paintings. Every Wednesday I will feature a different artist, and this week we start with Dan May.

Dan May was born in Rochester, NY, and attended Syracuse University where he received a BFA in illustration. He now resides in Jacksonville, FL, where as he puts it maintains "a healthy mix of commercial and personal work that can be applied in a variety of settings". In June of this year, Dan received his first gallery showing at the M Modern Gallery in Palm Springs, CA, and since that show he has received 6 additional showings in 2006, with 4 already lined up in '07. He has had showings in IL, ID, CO, CA, FL, and even Hamburg, Germany.

In a September interview with LCS he had this to say, "I just hope to continue evolving as an artist. Each day seems to bring about a slue of new opportunities and new ideas. My goal is to see just how far I can push things… bigger, better, more!"

Visit Dan May here and here

Buy from Galleries: Wire Nut Studio and DvA