Tuesday, November 28, 2006

New Release Tuesday:

Very slow week for music, but two great hip-hop releases.

Clipse - Hell Hath No Fury

Mega hype (P-Fork 9.1!) and (IMO) less then expected results. Judge for yourself:

Ride Around Shining (mp3)
Trill (mp3)
Mr. Me Too (mp3)
Keys Open Doors (mp3)
We Got It For Cheap (mp3)

K-The-I??? - Broken Love Letter
According to his label: "The album's sonic discord, which is reminiscent of the heavy production hand of NMS, the dark industrial blend of Dalek, and the Blade Runner inspired work of El-P, seeks out uninhabited inches in your brain until there's no vacancy left".

Go-Go-Girls (mp3)
You're Not That Beautiful (mp3)

Too $hort - Mack of the Century (Greatest Hits)
The Knife - Like a Pen (Single) (mp3)
Midlake - Milkmaid Grand Army EP

The Ant Bully
Clerks II
Superman Returns