Tuesday, November 07, 2006

New Release Tuesday:

31knots - Polemics (EP) (mp3)
Cali Agents - Fire & Ice (Planet Asia & Roscoe back again)
Bowling For Soup - Great Burrito Extortion Case (mp3) (Will these guys ever grow up?)
CSS - Alala (single) (mp3) (Great stuff, but you should see the video!)
El Perro Del Mar - El Perro Del Mar (mp3) (Tiny tiny twee-pop, but it's all good!)
Benjy Ferree - Leaving The Nest (mp3) (Blog-darling gets US release, serious folk genius!)
Jellyfish - Best (This was one of my favorite band in the early 90's)
Lithops - Mound Magnet (electronic bleeps and bubble uder your skin) (previews)
Ok Go - Oh No (Special Package) (Incredible, a DVD from one of the best rock bands around. ps. They are on Jay Leno tonight!)
Steve Reich - Reich: Remixed 2006 (EP)
Static Revenger - Round + Round (single)
Voxtrot - Your Biggest Fan (single) (mp3)

Cars (Hey Kids!)
Little Man (Why?)
Beverly Hill 90210: Season 1 (Oh yeah!)
Melrose Place: Season 1 (Never seen, but whatever)
Who Made The Potatoe Salad? (The new Urkel project)
Wordplay (Any movie with Bill Clinton and Jon Stewart can suck, right?)