Sunday, November 26, 2006

Coffee Talk:

This week's topic is typically "discussed" on two separate levels, a religious level vs. a freedom level. However, this week I want to discuss the "controversial" topic on a scientific level. I really do not want to bring a religious aspect into the discussion because you cannot argue against faith. A personal belief is not the proper platform for legal decisions.


Should it be legal?

No one that I have ever spoken with has been pro-abortion. You are either pro-choice (giving the freedom to choose to have or not have an abortion) or you are pro-life (taking away the right to choose). The pro-choice argument revolves mainly around the woman's right to choose whether or not to carry a pregnancy to full term. The pro-life argument can come from many directions, but mainly revolves around the question "When does human life begin?".

Pro-Choice - 1I 2
Pro-Life - 1 2

The question I am asking may be the typical question from a pro-life point of view, but it seems to be the most relevant: When does life begin? I am not concerned with how safe abortion is or how many women have abortions or how many illegal abortions take place in countries that do not make it legal.

The question is when does life begin and should abortion be legal? Talk Amongst yourself.