Friday, November 24, 2006

Artist of the Week: Tim Fite

There is an emerging term in the world of music, and it doesn't seem to make a lot sense. Folk-Hop has been thrown at a few groups lately, and I first heard it used to describe Joseph Arthur. However, it had never seemed legit until I heard the work of Tim Fite. A unique blend of old fashion country music and nu-school hip hop, Fite is a true talent and a great musician. As you listen to his music you never know what its come next, but you know that you will enjoy it. He truly bridges the gap between the hicks and the thugs! He is getting set to release his third album, Over the Counter Culture, in the next few months. The interesting thing is, according to NOKB, he plans to give it away. The details have not been released, but it is defiantly something to look forward to this holiday season. On his website, he has already made available his first album "Two Minute Blues".

"Whether singing with a lag-beat twang, spitting like a super-mc, or screaming bloody hell from a burning voice box, Tim Fite seems to always know exactly the right thing to say and exactly the right time to say it, blending his multiplicity of vocal styles together seamlessly." Jay Mokes of gang-plank

The First Day I Seen Time Fite

Check it Out:
New from Over the Counter Culture
It's All Right (mp3)
Camoflage (mp3) (Highly Recommended!)

From Gone Ain't Gone
No Good Here (mp3)
Fourty-Five Remedies (mp3)
Away From The Snakes (mp3)
A Little Bit (mp3)
Shook (mp3)