Wednesday, October 18, 2006

What to Wear During an Orange Alert Election Special
Every year it gets increasingly difficult to see through the propaganda, and actually understand the issues of the election. Lucky for you we are here to help. The Election is on November 7th, 2006, and here are the candidates:

Democratic Party - Rod Blagojevich
Republican Party - Judy Baar Topinka
Green Party - Rich Whitney
Constitution Party - Randy Stufflebeam (write-in)

For the sake of space, we will be posting the issues that are important to each candidate in the comments section of this post. Stay tuned, and remember if Paris can vote so can you!


Jason said...

Rod Blagojevich

1. To protect our priorities of education, health care and public safety while not passing on additional costs of government to middle class and working families.
2. To pass "Preschool for All", a program to offer preschool to all children, regardless of family income.
3. To pass and sign a jobs bill for capital improvements.
4. To create a tax credit of $1,000 for every freshman and sophomore who attends a college or university in Illinois.
5. To create the Veterans Care program.
6. To reinstate the assault weapons ban in Illinois.
7. To require a 90% capture of mercury by 2009.
8. To create a $500 sales tax rebate to anyone who buys fuel-efficient cars in Illinois.
9. To increase the number of treatment centers for meth addiction.

Jason said...


Judy's Four-Year Budget Rescue Plan
No tax increase
Property tax freeze
Record Funding for Schools
Cut budget pork and political jobs

State Finances
Common Sense Budget Cuts

Higher standards. Stronger Schools.

Jobs for Illinois

Ethics Reform
Restoring Trust in the Governor's Office

Energy & Ag Plan
Making Illinois the Clean Energy Capital of the Nation

Gas Tax Relief
Providing Common Sense Relief to Illinois Motorists

Veterans Plan
Honoring Veterans Service & Sacrifice

Court Reform
End "Venue Shopping" Abuse for Class Action Lawsuits

Budget Accountability
"Seven Days of Sunshine" Constitutional Amendment

Jason said...

Rich Whitney

1.He is calling for Education Reform.
2.Universal Healthcare
3.He wants to strengthen the labor unions
4.He is concerned for the IL National Guard and want to pull them out of Iraq.
5.New Deal for Substainable energy
6.Human rights - He supports the right to bear arms.
8.Fiscal responsibility, Public Good, Fair Taxation.
9.Open Source software for Gov't agencies.
10.Pro Illinois Wineries
11.Assist the Farmers
12.Against the Peotone Airport
13.Want to stop light Pollution.

Jason said...

Randy Stufflebeam

Constitution - inculding the 2nd amendment
Tort Reform
Limited Gov't
Campaign Reform
Farming & Agriculture

Illegal Immigration
Income Tax
Crime - (Shocking)
Globalism (Amen, sorry no commentaries)
Federally owned properties
Drug Abuse
Judicial Tyranny

Jason said...

Correction to Rich Whitney:

He is Pro-choice, and not Pro-life as originally posted. Sorry.

This is from his website:
Therefore, I do not believe that it is the proper role of government to intervene in a choice that women should make for themselves, and force them to bear unwanted children. Besides, making abortion illegal is not the best way to reduce its frequency; it would only return us to the circumstances that existed in 1973: wealthier women would still be able to obtain a safe abortion while poorer women would not, and many of them would obtain an unsafe or deadly "back alley" one instead.

Anonymous said...

According to the most recent Zogby poll, Rich Whitney is now registering in the double digits!

"Three-way matchup includes 11.3% for Rich Whitney (G)"

47.1% Blagojevich
33.2% Topinka
11.3% Whitney