Monday, April 02, 2007

Up and Comings Films

This week's installment focuses on the next group of movies that are going to make the Summer of '07 great for movie watching.

Shrek : The Third

ETA : May 18th

The first one was great for the family or anyone. The second one was great for the family or anyone. There's no reason this shouldn't be great for the family or anyone.

Check out the trailer here.

Live Free or Die Hard

ETA : June 29th or apparantly July 4th according to the trailer.

I think the Die Hard 4.0 should tell you that this movie is going to be about the internet and/or computers. Starring Bruce Willis, Timothy Olyphant, and Kevin Smith.

Check out the trailer here.

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

ETA : July 13th

Not really thrilled about this one, but I know a lot of other people are.

Check out the trailer here.

The Bourne Ultimatum

ETA : August 3rd

I really enjoyed the first couple of movies. Jason Bourne going back to find his past again may not be the most thrilling of plot lines, but as long as the action is there, it should be a decent film.

Watch the debut trailer here.

With these new films coming to theaters soon, I thought I would add other movies in production in a new second section.

Speed Racer - With a target date of May 2008, the Wachowski brothers (Matrix, V for Vendetta) are at it again.

Get Smart - Alan Arkin and Steve Carrell (Little Miss Sunshine, The Office) should make this a fantasticly funny remake of the hit tv show. Currently set for a June 2008 release.

Indiana Jones 4 - Another May 2008 target date. The script was just approved in January and filming to begin in June '07.