Friday, June 01, 2007

Band of the Week

The Little Ones

This past week I had the misfortune of flipping channels and stumbling upon Oprah's "Favorite things for Summer" show, and she proclaim that Robin Thicke was going to be the hottest music act of the summer. After less then 30 seconds of his performance I knew that for me and most likely many of you that he would not be the hottest thing this summer. However, Oprah got me thinking about what music act will be the hottest this summer. Well there are so many on tour right now Smashing Pumpkins, Rage Against the Machine, Daft Punk, Modest Mouse, and so on, but for me the music of The Little Ones is essences of summer. Their music is fun, danceable, wide ranging, and simply enjoyable.

This Los Angeles Quintet stormed onto the scene last summer with a few mp3's, word of a fall ep (Sing Song), and several solid concerts. They followed that up with a spring tour with the Kaiser Chiefs, and just wrapped up the NME New Music Tour last week. They are set to play Bonnaroo on June 14th and Austin City Limits on September 16th, but hopefully there will be a few more summer dates added in between.

What makes The Little Ones music so good is the "Uncle Lee’s Rule of Feet". Let me explain, Uncle Lee's is the name they have given their recording studio, and here is their explaination of the "Rule of Feet". "The rule stated that a song was deemed appropriate if, and only if; each of the Little Ones’ feet could shuffle". Each and every song they release must pass this test, and that is why every one of their songs can stand on its own and make you want to dance at the same time.

On May 31st in the UK, The Little Ones will release their new single "Lovers Who Uncover". It will feature the James Ford Mix of the song that appeared on the 2006 release Sing Song and the previously unrealsed stomper "There's a Pot a Brewin". Here in the US, on June 5th we will receive the new digital ep for "Lovers Who Uncover" featuring the same two song plus remixes from Crystal Castles, CSS and Stereolab. If that is not enough for you check out this really cool map that Astralwerks and The Little Ones have released to give fans some added goodies.

Here is the video for Lovers Who Uncover:


There's a Pot a Brewin' (Lovers Who Uncover) (mp3)
Lovers Who Uncover (Crystal Castles vs The Little Ones) (mp3)
Face the Facts (Sing Song) (mp3)
Oh Mj! (Sing Song) (mp3)
Cha Cha Cha (Sing Song) (mp3)

For more information on The Little Ones visit their website.

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